OASIS CAMEL DAIRY, America's FIRST camel milking farm

Ceasar: 2.5 year / gelding / halter, lead, tie, etc. 
$5,000.00 SOLD!

Ceasar's mother is a nice, huge, cinnamon colored, curly haired camel.  Ceasar will be the same. Ceasar has a great head on his shoulders!  Not yet gelded, he would make an excellent herd bull.  He is sensible and determined with the females and also respectful to us humans.Born here out of our herd bull, Romeo.  Romeo throws beautiful calves with great bone, conformation and temperament.  Sound

Ali Ba-ba: 8 years old / gelding / works our camel rides / lead, load, tie, etc...
$8,000.00 SOLD!

Ali Ba-ba has a lot of good work under his girth.  He has worked on our camel ride and appeared in many Nativity scenes.  A very pretty, curly-haired blonde gelding.  Short back... tall but not HUGE.  Sound

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