OASIS CAMEL DAIRY, America's FIRST camel milking farm
Wild West Turkey Stampede

Hang on to yer boots n' yer spurs... it's time for the

wild west turkey stampede                       So, the secret is out. 
                Here at the Oasis Camel Dairy, the key to 
                    success is sometimes: DIVERSIFY!

    To support the Camel Dairy and its many projects, Gil and Nancy provide exciting, educational shows for fairs and events.

    The Wild West Turkey Stampede is one such shows.  What is it?  Well, in an "egg" shell, its turkeys... lots of turkeys tearing around a pint-sized rodeo arena sharing a common goal... CATCH BIG RED!

    Big Red is a remote control trick truck towing turkey treats tucked in it's tail!  As one fair fan called it:  "It's booger flyin' funny!"

    This show is an industry award winner and a fair fan cult hit!  Be sure to to check out the Wild West Turkey Stampede when we come thundrin' through your town!

turkeys in hot pursuit of Big Red!

Wild West Turkey Stampede  is featured on DISCOVERY CHANNEL'S DIRTY JOBS w/ Mike Rowe.  Be sure to tune in! 

The following videos where all shot by fans!  When I find them on YouTube... and they ROCK... they sometimes end up here.

This first video was shot by a fan at our October '09 engagement at the Kern County Fair.   A funny race and a great tribute to our Kern County Fair Sponsor: SUBWAY.

This video was shot by a member of "Just Another Rock Band" who were performing with us this year at the Desert Empire Fair in Ridgecrest!  These late night shows were rabid, crazy free-for-alls!

I LOVE this video!  It highlights a little girl named Sam who was one of the volunteers during the show's Turkey Gobbling Contest.  Sam LOVED Turk-ules... and I think the feeling was mutual.

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