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We thank our many visitors for our top ratings on both Yelp and Trip Advisor. You make us one of most memorable things to do in San Diego CA.

Perfect for Any Size Group

visit San Diego and the Oasis Camel Dairy

Small groups from 2 to 30 guests enjoy a gentle walk & get an intimate encounter with friendly animals & majestic camels.

Add Camel Rides


Camel rides can be scheduled for inclusion in any private tour.  Camel rides are hand-led, county fair style around a large area.

For more information about our camel  rides click HERE

Easy Parking


We have room for your Prius as well as your Tour Bus!   A large parking lot can accomodate your nifty car club rides.  A perfect addition when you visit Julian.

Celebrate a Special Occasion

Oasis Camel Dairy visit san diego and have your birthday party with us

 We offer special packages for parties including a lovely little picnic area for you to glam out with your party finery.

The Store is Open

Camel Milk Soap Camel Milk Lotion Camel Milk Chocolate Camel Milk Skin Care

Your tour group can enjoy free samples of our super skin softening camel milk lotion in our gift shop where RARE MILK Camel Milk Soap, lotions, lip balms, bath bombs T shirts and great camel themed gifts.
... oh... and did we mention Camel Milk Chocolate????

What to expect on your private tour

 PRICE: $100 for up to 10 guests, $8.00 each additional guest. Children 3 years of age and younger are always FREE. 

So.... if you have four people then it is $100.  But if you have 13 people then it is $132.

ADD-ONS: when you are on our booking platform you will see a few options you may enjoy adding to your tour....

Camel Rides + $150 for 10 rides  + $10 for each additional ride.  (note:  for large groups of over 14, kids ride two-at-a-time)

Apple Feeding w Camels + $20 for 20 treats  / $40 for 40 treats  / etc.

Adding 30 min. Picnic Time + 50 for tours up to 20 guests / + $100 for large groups

(includes the use of our picnic area we will prepare for your group and 

Your camel keeper/guide will lead you on foot to four different areas of the Dairy.  Each type of animal here; mini-sheep and mini-donkeys, silly, rowdy gobbling turkeys, colorful tropical birds and of course, our friendly camels play an important role on our farm.

  • Guests are encouraged to feed and pet our flock of mini sheep and "talk turkey" with our gobblers
  • The highlight of your tour; your visit with the camels will forever impact your understanding of them as a species and as individuals!  Learn about our breeding program,  the uniqueness of milking camels including the importance of the mother/calf bond, why you can only milk a camel for 90 seconds, and the relationship of the farmer, the mother and the calf.  Did you know that camel milk is the closest thing to human milk?  You will  learn why camel milk is so sought after for healthy consumption and what we do with our camel milk including our skin nourishing camel milk skincare products like camel milk soap, camel milk lotion and more.

approximate walking tour time: 45 minutes

A visit to our little camel country gift shop is a must where you can sample our camel milk lotion and shop for treats such as decedent camel milk chocolate, moisture-rich lip treatment and soaps and camel themed gifts.

approximate shopping time: 15 minutes


You will notice that we don't have weekend private tours available through December.  That is because we are open 10:00 to 2:00 Saturdays and Sundays.  You can join-up with a public tour on those days.

Available Add-ons

Camel Rides


Our camel rides are County Fair style, hand-led rides with a camel trainer.  Each ride is approx 4 minutes.

Adding rides to your tour package costs $150 and includes up to 10 rides.  (so if there are only two of you... each of you get 5 rides worth of time)

Additional rides for larger groups are $10 per person or for groups over 25, $7 for children or $12  for ages 15 through adult.   Children ride two-at-a-time.  If you would like the children to ride separately they can with an adult ride ticket.

 Our weight limit on the camel is 200 lbs.

Apple Treat Feeding

feed treats to our friendly camels

Our friendly camels can't resist a sweet treat from you.  Upon request, we can prepair "apple pops" for you and your guests to safely feed our camels.  You back order as few as 20 pops or as many as ????? Because nobody... not even a camel... can eat just one!

$20 - twenty pops

$40 - forty pops

$60 - sixty pops

---you get the idea

Plan the Perfect Picnic

picnic at the Oasis Camel Dairy

Extend your stay by booking our picnic tables under our pine trees.  We will add a half hour to your total tour time and take care of clean-up too.

only $50 for groups up to 20 guests.

Check out this photo group "meet up" tour!