ZOOM our Zoo to Your Party, Event or Meeting!

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As America embraces staying home and social distancing, Holding events online is the new normal.

Zoom our Zoo is an online, real-time animal show tailored for your audience.   You aren't watching a video... we are interacting with you LIVE in real-time.

Using the popular (and free) meeting platform, zoom.us you can invite your guests  to an online LIVE  party, event or meeting and offer a variety of activities and presentations.  

How does it work?

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 Invite our Zoo to be a guest at YOUR party:

  1. If you aren't already a member through your work or online classes, sign up for your free account at https://zoom.us. 
  2. Fill out our online form to request our Zoom our Zoo as an online party GUEST.  
  3. Once you have reserved your date and time with us, go to your zoom account, schedule your party and invite your guests with an email. (don't forget to invite us too or we won't be able to join in!)

total time: 30 mintues.   (although we will be signing off at 30 minutes, since you are the host and this is your party you can host it for as long as you like depending on your zoom membership.) 

You can even do a pre-party WATCH party!

Our one hour episode on DISCOVERY CHANNEL'S DIRTY JOBS w/ Mike Rowe is available online to download and enjoy.