- Activities -

Camel Training  with consistency, consideration and care.

Learn to Read Camels Like a Pro

One-on-one instruction with Camel Trainer, Gil Riegler, makes this an incredible opportunity to develop your camel listening and handling skills. Zoo keepers, camel owners, and enthusiasts alike participate. Immerse yourself in camel culture, and gain valuable insight and skill in compassionate handling and care of camels. 

meet our camels

You will be watching and working with our camels at their different levels of training: seasoned push button gentlemen, hormonal females, yearlings and "bottle-baby" adults to help you experience a spectrum of camels. We do not invite outside camels and show quick fix, two day camel training techniques. We are focusing on YOU and developing your skills and camel training/handling toolbox.

Learn from a variety of “teachers” that will increase your confidence and ability to assess your own camel’s needs and always move forward in a positive direction. This clinic is designed to improve your camel handling-skills by giving you hands on exposure with a large group of camels working with an experienced handler and trainer.  You will observe and learn from your classmates' interactions as well while you enjoy camaraderie with adventure travelers.

Techniques demonstrated and practiced include...

  • Reading natural camel communication, YOUR  GO-TO CAMEL TRAINING TOOL!
  • Knots for tying and cinching
  • Haltering (and training to the halter)
  • Tying
  • Working safely in close
  • How to groom safely
  • Leading
  • Moving among loose camels
  • Riding

Additional Discussions with Demonstrations include...

  • Training a camel to hoosh (lay down) … a critical step in camel training.  We teach how, when, why and what to expect.
  • Restraint techniques to safely allow for veterinary care for:
    Taking blood, castration surgery, wound care, etc
    Nutrition and supplements 

A Beautiful Place to Embrace Camel Culture

The Oasis Camel Dairy sprawls over 42 rolling acres in East San Diego County and is TripAdvisor's #1 Ramona Attraction.  

Something truly extraordinary for the adventure traveler.  A great climate and a backdrop of oaks pepper trees and dramatic rock outcroppings left-over from a bygone era make this not only a perfect home for our 20+ dromedary camels but a great retreat for YOU to take it all in, learn about camel training,  relax and recharge.  You will also be able to sample our Camel Milk Soap and other products, including chocolate!


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- Schedule Highlights -

Friday Afternoon Meet-and-Greet

Friday Afternoon Meet-and-Greet

Friday Afternoon Meet-and-Greet


5/1/20 from 5 to 7 pm... come to the Oasis Camel Dairy for a Meet and Greet with staff, fellow campers, camels and canines.  We will have light snacks and non-alcoholic beverages.

Early Morning Milking

Friday Afternoon Meet-and-Greet

Friday Afternoon Meet-and-Greet

Gil milking at the OC Fair

8:00 - 9:00 am -  Saturday and Sunday

Come early and watch the milking and enjoy a sweet surprise! 

Walking Among the Herd

Friday Afternoon Meet-and-Greet

Walking Among the Herd

hands on camels students out in the field

Saturday morning 10:30

One of our favorite shared experiences is taking participants right out into the pasture with the herd.  A fantastic natural introduction to camel communication.


Handling and Restraint

Walking Among the Herd

From nose to toes, get hands on as you learn some of our best practices for grooming camels.

Saturday and Sunday From nose to toes and teeth to tail... learn our best practices for keeping camels coiffed and clean.  You will be brushing and petting a lot of camels during these sessions!

Handling and Restraint

Handling and Restraint

Handling and Restraint


Saturday Absolutely must-know techniques to keep you, your camel and your vet safe.


Handling and Restraint

Handling and Restraint


Every time you are with your camel, you are teaching and training.  Learn  consistent techniques that establish and maintain your leadership & help your camel enjoy learning

Saturday Evening Dinner

Saturday Evening Dinner

Saturday Evening Dinner


Saturday evening from 6:00 pm until ????  
Enjoy an evening with new friends at our authentic Mediterranean Feast featuring delicacies from far away.  Fantastic flavors, local boutique wines,  

Walking with Giants

Saturday Evening Dinner

Saturday Evening Dinner


Saturday afternoon & Sunday

 before lunch

 Walking a camel with purpose, safety, control and direction require an understanding of how camels communicate and receive information.  Get ready to get walking!

Camel Riding

Saturday Evening Dinner

Camel Riding


Sunday after lunch:

 All about riding!  We will of course make time for lots of camel riding, both hand led and rein riding.  (please note: Although Gil worked quite a bit with this fellow, your photo results may vary)



$350.00 per attendee or $300 per attendee when signing up two together.

Includes all handling and camel training classes and presentations, Dinner at the Dairy Saturday evening and pre clinic  Friday late afternoon meet and greet.

You may also choose to come in EARLY each day to watch camel milking... now that's some real adventure travel!

- Where to Stay -

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Local Lodging

We have lodging and camping available in our guest ranch, Camela Bella, adjacent to the Dairy.  Please contact us if interested.

Other local lodging includes: (listed by closest)

RV Park just down the highway from us

There are also lots of private Air B&B rentals 

- Training Without Pressure -

Gil works with Trooper to "ease" him into the idea of laying  down for us.. one of the many camel training techniques we share.

Read about Gil and his Camel Zen

Get to know a little bit about Gil, the Oasis Camel Dairy and our camel training and handling techniques.  A great resource for the adventure traveler