Why Camel Milk?


Surprising Science

Camel Milk is one of the oldest and rarest of naturally beneficial skin cleansers and rejuvenators. Modern science has discovered the secret to this ancient essence… it is the closest milk to human mothers’ milk and therefore helps to naturally balance our digestive system as well as our skin. 

An Uber for Nourishing Ingredients

Camel Milk is not only naturally beneficial, it helps to deliver other important nutrients found in our formula's complimentary ingredients below the surface of the skin, increasing their effectiveness. 

Sustainably Responsible

Oasis Camel Dairy is locally owned and family operated.   We are a small farm where mother camels raise their own calves while sharing the milk with us.  We strive for quality rather than quantity keeping our herd size manageable and our breeding program modest.  Mother camels typically calve about every third year.  Our calves are important family members and live their lives here on the Oasis Camel Dairy or, in a few instances, are purchased by excellent homes like the Santa Ana Zoo, the Living Desert Zoo and privately owned, approved ranches.

Our  skincare products are something you can feel good about inside and out.




Get it straight from the camel's mouth

If you have any questions about our on line store, our products or anything camel milk related, please contact Gil.  He has answers!  Gil@cameldairy.com