So much to love about these sheep...

Friendly Greeters


Small sheep with smiling faces love to eat treats and meet Dairy guests.   Our mini sheep have beautiful wool for spinning that feels soft and lovely when petting.


Sheep do not have upper front teeth making them very safe for our guests to hand feed and feel their nibbley lips. 

Sheep do not typically butt or ram their heads into people.


Easy Keepers


Unlike larger sheep and goats, both large and small, these mini sheep are easy to keep behind short fences and light gates.   They don't typically ram fences or challenge gates.   

Our night housing is substantial to protect the sheep from predators.  Sheep require a night barn or sheltered night pen with high, sturdy fences to protect against predators such as coyotes, bobcats and mountain lions.

Serious Fire Protection


Sheep concentrate on grazing keeping four feet on the ground.  Goats are typically a browser, not a grazer.  They tend to stand on their hind legs and reach up to bushes and trees.  

The sheep keep the grass as low as low can go.   The entire East side of our Dairy is large pastures for our little grazers.  In the fall, when grasslands dry, Eastern Santa Ana winds blow and fires spark easily, our farm is well protected from wildfires.

The Breeds

Old English Babydoll Southdown Sheep


Small sheep with woolly faces and legs.  Naturally poled (no horns).  Small and very gentle-natured.  Most commonly either white, black or gray wool.

Originally developed in England as a meat sheep, their wool is not prized for spinning.  American's love this small breed for pets, petting zoos and to keep the weeds under control naturally in orchards and vineyards.

Miniature Harlequin Sheep


A new American breed with foundation stock including the babydoll, these sheep have less wool on the face and llegs (making them easier keepers... debris does not get trapped in the wool on their legs and faces. ) Naturally poled (no horns) .  More athletic than the babydolls, these little sheep put on quite a show skipping, prancing and bouncing around the pasture.  Colors include black with white markings or white with black markings.


Sheep and lambs for sale...

Looking for a great little addition to your family farm, a friendly pet/lawn mower or two or a flock of woolly  entertainers to greet guests to your winery, attraction farm or farm stand, these little sheep are versatile and charming.  
Contact for available flock-mates.