Who gives rides at the Camel Dairy?

Without going into too much detail, suffice it to say that male camels don't have much to do on a camel dairy.  Our young males grow up with their mothers and the herd and during their childhood, slowly learn how to work with humans.


At what age can a camel start giving rides?

Camels grow slowly.  We do not introduce them to a rider until at least age four and even then, it is only for a few minutes at a time and never more than once a week.  They are so intelligent, they do not require constant repetition.   We do not ask the camels to carry a human until age six.  Even then, they give few rides and spend most of the time just "hangin" with the ride crew, getting to know the ropes.


What are camel rides at the Oasis Camel Dairy like?

Our camel rides are what we call the country fair style ride.  They are hand led by a trainer around a large rather circular path.  The path takes camels and riders behind Pepper Tree Hill and in front of the paddocks where you meet Zohan, our herd bull and other paddock residents.   

Each ride is approximately three to four minutes long.

Riders mount the camel by first walking up a short flight of stairs to a platform where they are elevated off of the ground to the approximate height of the camel's back.    Camels are not asked to lay down and stand up.... they comfortably remain standing.


Who may ride the camels?

We do not give camel rides to children under 3 years old.  We do restrict the combined weight of riders (children ride two at a time) to 200 lbs.   

When we  host an OPEN FARM DAY or other special event like WATERMELON DAYS or POMEGRANATE DAYS we offer camel rides for the following:

  • Children ages 3 -15


OR if visiting on one of our FALL HOURS days.

Please respect our camel ride weight limit of 200 lbs.  Please be sure you are physically fit enough to climb aboard, sit up straight and pull yourself off of the camel back onto the platform.



When camels can easily carry 600 lbs, why does the Oasis Camel Dairy have a combined-rider-weight-limit of only 200 lbs.?

It is well documented that  camels have been domesticated and bred to comfortably carry large loads of up to six hundred pounds for several hours and days.   Camel caravans in the Middle East regularly require their camels to carry six hundred pounds, ten hours a day for days and weeks at a time.   

However, we at the Oasis Camel Dairy feel that the nature of doing  country fair style rides presents a different experience for our camels.
Unlike camels of the Sinai Desert that "load up" and head out in the morning and then maintain a steady walking pace for hours at a time;  our camels  are asked to stop repeatedly and be reloaded every three to four minutes.  


We here at the Oasis Camel Dairy LOVE what we do. Part of being able to do that is insuring that our camels and other animals LOVE what they do too.