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We offer camel rides for children and adults up to 200 lbs. at our Open Farm, Festivals, and for Private Tours. 

The rider mounts the camel from a platform, and gently sits down on the camel's back.  There is a railing around you and light bars to hold onto. The camel is hand-led by a trainer around a large oval area between pepper trees and our bull camel, Zohan's, bachelor pad. Each ride is approximately 3 minutes long.

Camel rides are currently only available as add-ons to Private Tours and Open Farm Days.

Online pre-payment

For Open Farm Days or Festival events, you do not need to pre-purchase tickets to attend. Tickets can be purchased at the gate for these events.

If you choose to pre-pay for tickets online, you are always eligible for a full refund if you contact us either by phone or email at least 24 hours ahead of your scheduled visit.


On highly windy or rainy days, we choose not to run our camel rides. Muddy earth and or debris can make it difficult for the camels to offer rides comfortably. We appreciate your understanding.

If you're concerned about the weather conditions on the date of your scheduled visit, we recommend checking with your favorite weather app for weather in Ramona AND Santa Ysable (we are between the two) before your visit.


For the health and safety of our animals and guests, we do not allow outside and guest pets and animals to the Dairy. We do allow trained service dogs. Please read our policy on visiting dogs below.

visits after closing

Private, one hour tours, shows, camel rides and parties can be scheduled for almost any day of the week and you can do it all online. To book your private event, visit our private tour page below.

Private tours are booked online.

Camel Milk

We hand-milk our camels. We keep our camels, outdoor milking parlor and all milk handling equipment clean. It is delicious and healthy. We also test our camels for the same diseases that dairy cows are tested for.

Unfortunately, California is one of the most restrictive states when it comes to making farm-fresh milk available to guests at the farm. State regulations make it illegal for us to share our milk with the public as cheese or milk to drink. Yes, we can change that. It will cost our dairy between $200,000.00 and $300,000.00  in equipment and buildings to be able to let guests try the milk. We do the math... all the time... and with the current regulations and the nature of a milking camels, how little milk is collected from one camel and how few camels are actually eligible to share milk; we are not able to make the numbers work.

All of our camel milk goes into the making of our Camel Milk skincare products including soaps, lotions, lip balms, bath bombs and skin serum.

We do sell delicious, imported Camel Milk Chocolate at the Dairy made by Al Nassma in Dubai.

If you have questions about aquiring camel milk for human consumption, feel free to drop us a message.